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State-of-the-Art FFT --- Algorithms, Implementations, and Applications

The fast Fourier transform (FFT) is widely used in many areas of science and engineering. This minisymposium is an opportunity to discuss high performance and parallel implementations of FFT, mathematical encapsulations of FFT algorithms that are amenable to automatic implementations tuned to hardware platforms. It is also a venue to discuss applications and performance results of FFT on current and emerging platforms such as many-core processors, GPUs, and distributed-memory systems.

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Session 1.

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Speaker Affiliation Presentations
Daisuke Takahashi University of Tsukuba, Japan Slides
Franz Fanchetti Carnegie Mellon University, USA Slides
Jun Doi IBM, Japan Slides
Akira Nukada Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan Slides
Samar Aseeri King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), Saudi Arabia Slides
Benson Muite University of Tartu, Estonia Slides
Hari Sundar University of Utah, USA Slides
Truong Vinh Truong Duy Nissan ARC Ltd., Japan